online islamic school

Online schooling has bid goodbye to brutal judgements after the pandemic. Since many schools had successfully adapted to online schooling during the pandemic, a large number of parents feel comfortable opting for it rather than sending their kids to a brick-and-mortar school. Muslim parents don’t always have the privilege to send their children to an Islamic school due to lack of proximity. Many of them have to resort to sending their children to public schools despite them disagreeing with most of the values inculcated there. 

This situation has sent Muslim parents on a quest to find a school that does not compromise on education or deen. When an Islamic school is not around the corner, or is not suitable for your family’s current situation, an online Islamic school enters as a savior. 

But why choose an online Islamic school over any regular online school? 

Every Subject is Approached from an Allah Centered Worldview

When every course, assignment, and subject matter is framed through an Islamic lens, students are given the opportunity to see how all facets of life — from algebra and biology to history and art — are dictated by Allah’s perfect plan for His creation. At Al Huda Global School, academic excellence is considered as a matter of ihsan (sincerity). 

What you learn, study, and absorb impacts your worldview. By presenting academics through an Islamic worldview, online Islamic schools can equip students with the knowledge, values, and skills they need to thrive in their deen and future professions.

At Al-Huda Global School, students are encouraged to adopt an approach that allows them to seek out the pleasure of Allah in all aspects of their lives.

Students are Encouraged in their Faith while Promoting Academic Excellence

Academic excellence is the foundation of online Islamic schools. As Muslims, we are called to strive for excellence in all our efforts. This holds especially true when on the path of seeking knowledge. Students enrolled at online Islamic schools understand that they will be challenged daily. However, they also know for certain that the same teachers who challenge them, are the teachers who love them and advocate for them with tenacity.

Online Islamic schools inspire students to ask questions to gain the appropriate analytical skills. And curiosity is always the standard. Every question is investigated, analyzed, and answered with the Qur’aan and Sunnah as the underpinning.

When you challenge students, and create a space for questions laced with curiosity, the fruits that we reap with time are astounding. We get to see confident students who meet the high academic expectations set before them. We get to witness the growth of intrinsically motivated life-long learners.

Students Experience Various Cultures and Ways of Life at their Fingertips

Cultural diversity in the classroom is on the rise now more than ever. As our society becomes more diverse and multicultural, it is vital for educators to integrate culturally responsive instruction in their classrooms. Online Islamic schools give students the opportunity to witness cultural diversity firsthand among their peers. With staff and students that represent over 10 countries, students gain an in-depth insight into the cultures of their peers and teachers.

Our educators give students many opportunities to share their diverse narratives with their classmates. This equips students with the ability to learn from their peers and respect them for the things that make them unique. Teaching students about diverse cultures not only aids them in their education, but it also helps them become global citizens for life.

An Online Islamic School Accommodates Religious & Family Engagement

By attending online Islamic schools, students and their families get to make a conscious decision about creating a specialized learning environment that works best for them. Online Islamic schools provide students with the flexibility to have full control and accountability of their learning.  This ability to control their learning allows them to align their education with other obligations. The flexibility component requires students to decipher when and how they will learn by developing a schedule. This ultimately teaches them the importance of time management and accountability.

Some parents may worry that their child might not get to socialize as much while attending an online Islamic school, but they couldn’t be more wrong. There are plenty of ways to socialize your online learner. Students enrolled in online Islamic schools are often able to attend and complete other educational and extracurricular targets such as fulltime Hifz programs, athletic programs, and personal development programs. Aside from other programs, online Islamic schools give families the opportunity to spend more time together and schedule family vacations without the fear of missing a school day.

As a parent put it, “At Al Huda Global School, we have found an institution that provides a comprehensive Islamic environment, a rigorous secular education, diverse classrooms, and dedicated management and staff.”

If you are looking for the right online Islamic school for your child, you are at the right place. Get in touch with us for more information.