Being able to engage with other students is what makes Al-Huda Global School fun. Without a group of students, group games, activities or even group projects wouldn’t be fun. I think being surrounded by people who are learning with you, sharing the same struggle with you and having each others backs whenever needed is always what makes class very welcoming.

Najma A. – Al-Huda Global School Student

Allah-centered. Global. Simplified.

For 25 years, Allah has blessed us with the growth and fortitude to serve thousands of Muslims in and around the DC metropolitan area. We provide an environment that nurtures youth who prioritize pleasing Allah, serve others, and aspire to greatness of all sorts. We want to share this virtue with as many of our beloved Muslim youth all over the world as possible.

We believe that the heart of education is the education of the heart. We offer a wholesome educational experience, which blends the academic rigor of a college preparatory program with the careful cultivation of love and esteem for the authentic revelation. If you ask us, it’s a surefire recipe to shaping our students’ Islamic worldview, bi idhnillah! 

To top it all, we offer this experience in a way that offers you the maximum flexibility. 

No Islamic school near you? No need to worry. We bring Islamic education right to you.

Unable to study on your own? No problem. We offer the option to take synchronous classes live with an experienced and nurturing Muslim teacher, in the company of Muslim classmates.

Can’t commit to classes at a certain time? No worries. We offer classes that students can complete at their own pace while knowing that a compassionate Muslim teacher is only an email away.*

Interested in only SOME of our classes? No hard feelings! It’s all good. Register for only the classes that your child needs.

Searching for good Muslim role models? We’ve got it covered. Our teachers will help your child walk the walk of Islam, all while hitting those academic milestones in his or her core subjects.

*Note: At the moment, Arabic, Qur’an and Islamic Studies classes must be taken live. We do not have the option to offer those classes at a student’s own pace at this time although there may be adjustments made in the future, in shaa Allah.