“Al-Huda School is an educational institution where you can be sure that leadership decisions are always based on authentic Islamic knowledge.”

Sr. Nabila, Parent of Al-Huda School

The mission of Al-Huda School

To nurture Allah-centric youth to tackle today’s challenges with innovative solutions.

We know that when we put Allah in the center of our lives and cherish the Qur’an and Sunnah as a manual, we are motivated to be creative and courageous individuals. We know that through the authentic revelation, we have been gifted timeless solutions to all of our challenges. We are humbled to share the beautiful message of Islam with everyone around us as well as serve humanity in general.

Our Institutional Goals

We strive to achieve four comprehensive goals through all of our curriculum and teaching. We want our students to Know, Show, Glow, and Grow. Ready to learn more? Glad you asked!

Know Allah: His beautiful names and attributes, and the character traits that we derive from those names.

Show gratitude to Allah through our hearts, tongues, bodies, as well as in our interactions with Allah, ourselves, and the community.

Glow with the message of Islam and share it with Muslims and non-Muslims.

Grow an intentional community where Islam is practiced as a complete way of life.