COVID-19 transformed lumpy sofas, vacated basements, and shared bedrooms into work spaces. With virtual classrooms one digital screen away, distractions are imminent. Family matters, pets, and chores, are suddenly unavoidable. Now, in a setting often meant for relaxation, comfort, play, and everything but schooling, you struggle to rally your children before their designated computer screens. But what about when they’ve finally entered their Zoom classes? How do you keep your children focused? How do you help them succeed?

Al-Huda Global School Student Success Coach, Zara Tariq, provides virtual learners with the necessary support to overcome the challenges of distance learning and succeed. “Students should take the lead when it comes to their own success, but adults around them must model good habits, equip them with the right strategies and tools, and set them up for success so that they’re able to meet expectations that will lead them to success, In shaa Allah,” Tariq says.

Tariq continues on to explain her exciting new role as Student Success Coach: “I hope to empower students to use the tools and skills they have to become independent online learners.” Tariq also speaks to the importance of community and togetherness when it comes to online education: “Being online, it is easy to forget that our actions have an effect on others, whether it is our teachers or classmates or both.”

In lieu of having access to your own student success coach, here are four additional ways to help your child avoid distractions and excel in online classes:

  • Encourage your child to set frequent reminders to help them stay on track

Invite your child to create their own to-do list with you. The day’s to-do list and a set of weekly goals should provide your child with a clear set of directives to focus on. Set small rewards to treat your child with something to look forward to. Family movie night with a movie of their choosing? Painting in the park? Make it a family effort! 

  • Practice mindfulness with your child to reset and refocus 

Encourage your child to take a brain-break before the start of each class. Remaining mindful of our actions and emotions is a tenant of Islam. Allah says in the Qur’an, “Remember that God knows what is in your souls, so be mindful of Him,” [Qur’an 2:235]. By teaching your child to take deep breaths and identify their feelings and emotions, your child will learn to quiet their mind, refocus, and react appropriately during overwhelming or stressful moments in and out of the classroom. 

  • Practice time management 

Whether it’s by encouraging daily routines, purchasing a watch for your child, or helping them customize their own calendar, time management is extremely important in ensuring your child’s success in school. It teaches children to schedule and follow procedure, strengthens their multitasking skills— especially when it comes to juggling school and extracurriculars—, and helps them effectively reach their goals as students. 

  • Teach your child to ask meaningful questions

Frame questions as discussions to take the fear out of asking for help. Encourage open-ended questions and praise your child’s curiosity. When your child learns to ask meaningful questions, you promote critical thinking, sustain deep learning, and ensure your child’s engagement in the content. 

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Al-Huda School is an accredited K-12 Islamic School, which was founded in 1995 as part of a larger community-building project called Dar-us-Salaam. Al-Huda Global is a newly founded online school based on the founding principles of our original brick and mortar location. For more information on how to provide access to quality online Islamic education from anywhere in the world please visit our website