Cooperate with one another in goodness and righteousness (5:2)

Do you have an Islamic school but are not able to offer all of the grade levels? Are you a homeschooling co-op that needs help with a few specialized courses? 

Allah teaches us in the Qur’an to cooperate with each other for matters of piety and taqwa. For our dear Islamic school and homeschooling institutions, our Ta’awun program offers a unique opportunity to partner with us as a leading Islamic school to offer many courses at a discounted rate to your students. 

All you have to do is to sign your students up with Al-Huda Global School. We will take care of the rest for you. Bring a rigorous, college preparatory program with authentic Islamic education to the students in your community!

Please fill out our Ta’awun Interest Form below. One of our associates will schedule a time with you to discuss the structure and pricing of the program.