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How Online School Helps Children with Social Anxiety

Social anxiety disorder refers to an intense fear of social situations to an extent that it hinders the child’s daily routine. Children with social anxiety disorder fear judgment and scrutiny […]

Why Choose An Online Islamic School?

Online schooling has bid goodbye to brutal judgements after the pandemic. Since many schools had successfully adapted to online schooling during the pandemic, a large number of parents feel comfortable […]

5 Strategies for a Successful Virtual Parent-Teacher Conference

Parent-teacher conferences are necessary to ensure the overall academic success of your child. Whether your child attends Islamic school online or in-person, parent-teacher conferences are held to evaluate the social-emotional […]

4 Ways to Socialize Your Online Learner

Social interaction is essential to human development. It provides young children with the developmental  framework to curate their sense of self. According to Very Well Family, “socialization teaches your child […]

Encouraging Independent Learning in Your Child From Home

  COVID-19 transformed lumpy sofas, vacated basements, and shared bedrooms into work spaces. With virtual classrooms one digital screen away, distractions are imminent. Family matters, pets, and chores, are suddenly […]

Virtual Waiting Room Reminders

The road ahead remains riddled with the debris of physical, social and mental challenges left in COVID’s wake, but as always, our hope and trust in Allah will help clear [...]

Tips for Helping Your Child Cope with Anxiety

Little Maryam is nervous about Zoom classes. “You’ll be fine, In Shaa Allah. Lots of kids get nervous jitters,” you say. At dinner, Maryam pushes her food across her plate; [...]