A —  Apply for your child HERE 

What you will need:

B — Be prepared: Assessment to determine your child’s level + interview with the Al-Huda School administration.

We will contact you to schedule a time for your child to take the placement assessment. After the assessment, we will schedule a Parent and Student Interview with the Al-Huda Global School administration. You will then receive a final decision from us, in sha Allah.

C — Choose your child’s courses

Once your child is admitted and the course schedule is available, you can enroll your child in the desired courses.

D — Deposit your payment for the course (see Tuition Schedule).

Full payment for courses is due at the time of registration. Once you deposit your payment, your child will be enrolled in the course and you will receive further instructions on completing your mandatory orientation (see below).

E — Enroll in a mandatory orientation course for parent and child.

Two separate courses are required annually for each parent and child. Once your child is
admitted into Al-Huda Global School, you will receive an email to enroll in an online and self-
paced orientation that the parent and child must complete. Once the orientation is completed,
you will receive instructions on how to access the courses.

And that’s it! Welcome to Al-Huda Global School!
Save your child’s spot —

Our admission process is as simple as ABCDE.