Join Ali and Soo-jin, our modern time travelers, as they journey through history. Discover the connections between world events and eras, from the Roman Empire through the Islamic Civilization, the Medieval Age, and the Industrial Revolution, and explore development in our modern world as well as the implications that historical events have on us today. Studying the World History should help us learn lifelong lessons from the past experiences of humans around the world and appreciate and reflect on the power and wisdom of Allah (Al-Mue’z, Al-Muthill) who causes nations to rise and flourish and others to fall and disappear. Studying the World History should therefore help you discover the historical patterns confirming that obeying or disobeying Allah is the most crucial and decisive factor in determining and anticipating the fate of people, nations, and places in the Dunyaa (i.e., the here life) as well as in the Aakhirah (i.e., the Hereafter).