Ever wonder why more massive objects require more force to move? Perhaps you have questioned how new substances are made or how energy is involved in changes in matter? These are some of the concepts students will be exploring in Physical Science in order for them to understand that scientific logic and Islamic teachings are compatible. This course teaches the foundational concepts of physics and chemistry which will help you better appreciate the power and wisdom of Allah (Al-Qaadir, Al-Hakeem) who created everything with the right measure under the right conditions at the right timing for specific and sense-making purposes or purposes. Using scientific inquiry (focusing on the scientific Limaathaa: why things happen? and Kayfa: how things happen), interactive experiences (At-Tajaarib-UL-E’lmiyyah: scientific hands-on experiments), higher-order thinking (At-Tafaquh-ul-E’lmiyy), collaborative projects (At-Ta-A’awun-ul-E’lmiyy), and real-world applications (At-TaTbeeqat-ul-A’amaliyyah) students are able to demonstrate an understanding (Fahm and Tafaqquh) of the physical and chemical phenomena; enabling them to apply these properties to their everyday lives to help solve problems and/or develop useful products and benefit their community and all mankind for the sake of Allah (Subhaanahoo Wa Ta-A’alaa).