“The most beloved of people to Allah are the ones who are most beneficial (to others).”

We want our students to be doers and not just learners. Whether it’s a hobby that a student is passionate about or a subject they want to teach others about, we want our students to understand service to others is equivalent to the rent they pay on earth. 

We encourage our students to find their passion! If they can’t find their community service of choice, they should create it. Collaborating with like-minded students, whether online or in their own communities, allows for endless opportunities. It allows our students to live this beautiful Hadeeth: The most beloved of people to Allah are the ones who are the most beneficial (to others).

As a way to create more well rounded students and global citizens the Community Service Project kicked off this year in the holy month of Ramadan. Students around the world were encouraged to serve their communities in many ways. They participated in clothing drives, distributing food, preparing iftars and helping at their local masajid. Students were able to not only learn about serving in the name of their Deen but they also implemented it. It was a first hand experience in the “Glow” with Islam mission of Al Huda Global School.