Al-Huda Students

“I love how all of the teachers are very kind, patient, and helpful. I also love how my homework is not too hard yet not too easy. I also love just being able to join my classes with a click.”


Posts by Ridha Aslam

Ridha Aslam is a daughter, a student, an elder sister to two younger sisters, and a content writer. She is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Psychology at Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College for Women, Chennai, India. She started an advanced diploma course in Psychology after 10th grade at International Open University (IOU). Her passion for a career in Psychology began there. Over the years she spent as a student in IOU, Ridha learned to apply Islamic principles to Psychology, and thus, her keenness in Islamic Psychology began to grow. Now she ardently works on blending the worlds of Psychology and Islamic sciences to make an impact in this ummah. During her free time, she loves drowning in the fictional world of books and enjoys going on hunts for delectable street food in the nooks and corners of Chennai, South India.


Al-Huda Parents

“We have found an institution that provides a comprehensive Islamic environment, a rigorous secular education, diverse classrooms, and dedicated management and staff.”


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