Are you looking for a reliable, effective Arabic or Islamic Studies program?

✓   Do you want this program to uphold high academic standards while maintaining the integrity of traditional Islamic education?

✓   Would you like your child to have an expert, dynamic teacher who teaches LIVE classes?

We’ve got what you’re looking for at AGS! In the same spirit of discovery and intellectual enrichment that is the bedrock of our Islamic legacy, we bring you LIVE Arabic and Islamic Studies classes for Middle and High School students to enrich their educational journey. Our approach combines the high-caliber Maryland State educational standards with the tried and proven traditional methods of teaching Arabic and Islamic Studies. All of this is done through the latest educational technology to round out a robust learning experience for all students.


Our Arabic language curriculum is unique in that all of its teachers are native Arabic speakers who have degrees in the Arabic language or related fields. Our Islamic Studies curriculum is the boldest of our academic development efforts yet- as it combines traditional Islamic teachings with modern, real-life application- something our youth have seen a lack thereof in other taught curriculums. At Al-Huda Global School we believe that the heart of education is the education of the heart- a philosophy that is instantly palpable to students as they discover how Islam is not only relevant to their modern lives, but is actually the substrate upon which they build their developing worldview.


We have LIVE day and now EVENING classes for Arabic and Islamic Studies along with our secular subjects.