June 24th, 2023

Al-Huda Global School set a stage for its students to shine by putting together two exclusive events over the past two months. The Community Service Initiative was conducted in the month of Ramadan, requiring all the students to participate, and the Science Fair was held this month as a voluntary program to let those innovative minds gleam. 

Community Service Initiative

For the community service initiative, all the students were asked to participate and put together a presentation with pictures, timesheets, and reflection essays. From cleaning up public spaces, visiting orphanages, planting trees, cooking iftar at the masjid, shoveling snow, starting a newspaper, volunteering at pet hospitals, to raising funds for the needy by selling crafts in Ramadan Bazaars- the students had truly done it all! The students made their instructors swell with pride and joy. They portrayed the right Islamic values, and contributed to the community by helping in a number of ways while earning the pleasure of Allah.

Zaynab Amsa, a 6th grade student helped raise funds for Al-Huda School’s fundraising event, cleaned up the masjid, and packed school supplies for donation. “During the Masjid clean-ups,  I helped mop, sweep, and clean the windows around the masjid. I was able to improve my skills at cleaning, organizing, and working with others.” she recalled. 

Saleha Hossein, a 10th grade student, cooked up warm and delicious meals for her neighborhood. She spent around 30 hours during the month of Ramadan cooking and distributing food for iftar. “While I was doing this project, I was super happy and grateful that I was there to contribute to the joy of others because it made me feel like I was able to please Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala by helping my brothers and sisters in Islam,” she mentioned with joy. 

Science Fair Competition 

While all the students exhibited their creative minds and hearts through the community service initiative, the Science Fair participants geared up for their next big event. 

At Al-Huda Global, we encourage our students to stay curious and push through for answers. And that’s exactly what the students did. 

Hajar Sharfa, a 10th grade student got curious while baking in her kitchen. She wondered what difference does the baking flour make? What flour would make her cake delectable? She began to experiment. Once she tested her hypothesis, she submitted her findings with a presentation. And well, it turns out, oat flour is hiding all the goodness! Similarly, Ibrahim Farroqi decided to test out his ardent interest in crystals; not by collecting, but rather by growing them in his home!

Aniqa Anjum on the other hand experimented with eggs and water. She wanted to test out which ratio of water and salt makes the egg float, and why. Sadia Khondokar tried growing plants under direct sunlight and in a dark room to see which of the two plants would grow faster. To her surprise, the plant in the dark room grew faster than the one in direct sunlight. Most of the participants were astonished by the results of their experiments; these experiments show the importance of allowing children to learn by exploring, rather than merely memorizing information. 

To Know, Show and Glow 

Despite being a tough decision to make, the jury selected three winners for the science fair competition. Aniqa Anjum bagged the third prize, Sadia Khondokar won the second prize, and Hajar Charfa won the first place! Mabrook! 

Al-Huda Global School once again congratulates everyone for coming forth and participating in both the initiatives. With the zeal of students, and their bravery to go out of their comfort zones to know, show and glow, surely brighter days are ahead of us, in shaa Allah!