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November 29, 2021, (College Park, M.D.) Al-Huda Global School recently held an invaluable training session for its teachers from FlexPoint Education. The training focused on equipping teachers with features and tools in the learning platform to help keep students on track with their learning. The three sessions centered around monitoring student progress, live lessons in the virtual classroom, and fueling growth through feedback.

Dr. Kuburat Bello, Vice Principal of Al-Huda Global School, explains  “The training walked teachers through how to establish effective connections with students and families, monitoring students’ progress, and communicating constructive feedback in a timely manner and tone that encourages positive student academic outcomes.”

Al-Huda Global has been making strides in its efforts to make the teacher-parent-student triad of communication as seamless and effective as possible. This includes starting a parenting blog on its website, to offer practical advice to parents to boost their children’s success with virtual learning.

Training for teachers is crucial to increase their overall morale, which undoubtedly permeates to students and their parents as well. According to a study, only five percent of teachers believe that they receive training and support with edtech in their schools. Al-Huda Global hopes that with these structured trainings for teachers, they will gain the confidence necessary to use the technology effectively. 

Bello concludes with a positive memory of the training, “The day concluded with a fun activity- Jeopardy!- for the teachers [led]  by our sister Walida Mukhtar. Alhamdulilaah, I was smiling and laughing through the activity while observing the collaboration and positive competitive spirit in our teachers.”

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