“The combination of an Islamic curriculum and academic excellence.” 

Sr. Rahma, Parent of Al-Huda Global School

Our curriculum offers a unique blend of the Common Core State Standards and our Institutional Goals – Know, Show, Glow, Grow. How does that work? Here are some examples:

English: We develop readers who use Islam to shape their worldview! We foster critical thinkers who constantly reflect on what they read and evaluate it through the lens of authentic revelation. Our students become writers who admire the Qu’ran as a literary model to guide their writing. They effectively use their rhetoric to share the beautiful message of Islam with other people.

Science: Our youth become diligent intellectuals who carry out scientific investigations, collaborative research and strong data analysis – all rooted in revelation – to enrich their own faith and to serve humanity.

Social Studies/History: We understand history involves interpretation. Historians can and do disagree about the significance and impact of historical events. At Al-Huda School, we focus on how Islam shapes our perspective of historical events and how we as Muslims learn from those events to improve our present and future. We prepare our students to be informed global citizens who apply their knowledge of political and social structures, in light of Islamic principles, and make positive and impactful contributions to the society.