The road ahead remains riddled with the debris of physical, social and mental challenges left in COVID’s wake, but as always, our hope and trust in Allah will help clear a smooth path through it insha’Allah.

These hardships are truly insignificant when compared to the love Allah (subahanahu wa ta’ala) has instilled in a parent’s heart for his or her child, nor to the togetherness and shared love of a community forged for the sake of Allah. The good news is that any possible hardship comes with its own set of blueprints – the Prophet’s () example- to navigate through and come out on top. He () has also taught us to enlist the help and advice of experts and those with experience. This blog series exists as a two-pronged approach to help gives parents a surefire plan to tackle the anxiety of their treasured hearts.

Insha’Allah, Al-Huda school and Al-Huda Global School staff and teachers hope that you will take delight in reading our thoughtful and timely insight around what it takes to successfully parent Islamic children in an ever changing world.



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